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OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 008



Vibra Specialty                                                                                                                        (Representative, Lisa Incalcaterra and speaker, Todd Teats)

OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 039




OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 030






Peggy Parker, Nancy Cohen and Speaker, Kristi Teats 

OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 046





OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 066


OMCMG President, Bonnie Robb and Board member, Lauren Danahy


OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 050


OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 025


West Hills Senior Living Campus            



OMCMG Summer Mixer 2015 097



                                                                                                                           Lauren Danahy, Regina Jackson, Dena Rossi,                                                                           Todd Teats. Kristi Teats and Judy Storijell                                                                                OMCMG Board Members and Speakers)




                                                          8th Annual WMCMA/OMCMG Joint Conference                                                  (Recap)                

OMCMG conference 2015 649

  Keynote Speaker: Kathleen Fraser, RN-BC, MSN, CCM, CRRN.                                                                           CMSA President Presented: “Case Management:  “If You Aren’t Moving Forward,                                           You Are In Reverse” and Ethics for Case Management”.

OMCMG conference 2015 629 #2


                                                                                                                                                                                   OMCMG President Bonnie Robb                                                       and WMCMA President Laurie Bergman

OMCMG conference 2015 605 #2p

  Many Vendors from Oregon and Washington                                       supported the educational event

OMCMG conference 2015 668 #2

                                                   Just a handfull of people that came and represented the Oregon CMSA chapter

OMCMG Lunch and Learn Highlights

April 2, 2015


roadmapDisability Rights of Oregon (DRO) is a non-profit law firm that provides assistance for individuals with disabilities. They are designated as Oregon’s Protection and Advocacy (P&A) office. Each state has a P&A office funded by the Federal Government (DRO is not a governmental agency).

The P&A office has broad statutory powers to safe guard the human and civil rights of individuals with disabilities. DRO is “client driven” meaning that they support individuals with disabilities to have equal opportunities, full participation, and the ability to exercise meaningful choices (i.e. their own decisions to choose their educational paths, support systems, job choices, etc.).

DRO Services consist of 10 attorneys, 2 intake specialist, 3 advocates, lobbyist, 4 benefit planners and support staff. They are available statewide to more than 600, 000 Oregonians at no cost. DRO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness programs (PAIMI) advisory council.

For more information please see the DRO website at:




Great highlights and moments from this years conference,
“Case Management 2.0″ November 3-4, 2014 



    Past, present and future OMCMG Presidents.  (from left, Dena Rossi, Carrie Thomas,                                                                                                              Bonnie Robb)




Case Managers came from all over Oregon and South Washington  to attend this two day event packed with informative speakers and      






       learning first hand about care and medical services provided
       many Healthcare oriented companies.








       Dr. Nathalie Johnson, Medical Director of Legacy Cancer Institute presenting, “When Cancer Hits Home” and Sue Sumpter RN, MS bringing awareness on “Blood Cancer Resources and Update in our Communities”.









Sunday night reception with Rojo and Skipper, two LLamas from Mtn. Peak Therapy Animals, brought smiles and laughter before the special dinner sponsored by AstraZeneca with speakers on “Type 2 Diabetes and Improving Glycemic Control”.